1 x Fraxel Restore Dual
3 x Max G Vascular Laser
3X Prp Dermastamp
2x 3ml redensity 1 ” Beauty Boost Treatments
1x 0.5ml lip special
4 areas of Botulinum toxin- Type A ( 32 units)

Normal Pricing $5700.00 for 10x individual treatments over 3-5 months

After sun loving frivolity of the long hot summer it is the perfect time to schedule in a series of Ageless Clinics’ cutting edge LASER / BEAUTY BOOST & PRP SKIN REBUILDING PROCEDURES (vampire facial with platelet rich plasma)

Ageless are the creators of the ULTIMATE RENEWAL that literally “turns back” skin age with each treatment.

Ageless is also the only clinic internationally that provides bespoke skin treatments made with the clients own healing platelets- speeding healing and maximising the
collagen formation post treatment.

Call 02 9223 4733, or email info@agelessclinics.com.au to make your appointment or for any enquiries