Ahh… Christmas and the New Year. The perfect time to take the foot off the accelerator, jump out of the rat race and spend some “ you time” with family and friends celebrating all the things we should probably celebrate every day.

It is the time for parties and get togethers and the time when you most want to look your best. Hence the reason the silly season it is the busiest time for cosmetic practitioners.

To make sure your holiday desire to look relaxed and rested doesn’t turn into looking puffy, frozen or weird, here is a simple guide to getting the anti-wrinkle balance right.

Choose the RIGHT Cosmetic Specialist:

When choosing a cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatment it is important to choose Experience, Commitment and Responsibility over discount rates and shopping centre convenience.

Just because someone is a plastic surgeon does not mean they are expert at toxins and filler. Often a plastic surgeons’ nurse has significantly more skill with anti-wrinkle treatments than they do because it is what they do everyday…here is where experience counts. Choose a practitioner that does this for a living day in day out, be they nurse or doctor, who has at least 1-2 years injecting under their belts.

Choose a practitioner who wants to stay on the cutting edge of an industry that is changing on the daily. A committed practitioner who is dedicated to learning new techniques and updating their skills through training sessions and conferences in Australia and overseas.

A practitioner who has some ownership in the practice, who is not being paid on a percentage of “ how much they sell” but rather on whether they do a good job and the client wants to return is the only way to go. A responsibility to the client to choose what is right for them, not what earns them the most money, is the cosmetic practitioner that will consistently provide the highest standards.

Less is More

Anti-wrinkle toxins:
If you look at average doses of the most common anti-wrinkle treatment used per patient in the United States is in the range of 80-100 units. In Australia the makers of the treatment advocate 45-60 units. I personally advocate using 30- 40 units maximum. Frozen is not natural and often leaves skin looking waxy or puffy under the eyes. Anti-wrinkle toxins should be given at minimum dose for natural results and topped up after 7-10 days. It is more cost effective for the patient and the cosmetic practitioner will have more happy customers leading to a more successful practice.

The important thing to remember about fillers is that it only takes one syringe too many to go from relaxed and rested to “puffy and weird”.

Choose a practitioner who can describe to you the difference in the fillers on offer, as opposed to offering you a filler because it is the best value for them to buy. I have a choice of three to four different fillers that are best for each area of the face and for clients of different ages. Again experience and commitment to learning about the latest trends and the best techniques for each area is important as is the desire to use the right amount of filler as opposed to the amount that gives you the greatest short term return. Like anti-wrinkle treatments you can always add more filler to improve a result…it is a nightmare if you have to remove it because too much has been put in!

Despite the crush to get ready for Christmas take time to choose your cosmetic specialist. Its your face after all…you need it after Christmas and into the New Year!