The social and personal pressures involved in clearing teen acne, wanting cosmetic changes at an early age  and the importance of healthy skin protocol in our youth .

The combined effect of social, psychological and physical stress of a child going through puberty into the early teenage years and then taking on the huge responsibility of young adulthood plays incredible havoc on the body which is always mirrored in their skin.

The increasing physical, mental and social stress of growing up in an age of unparalleled technology and connectivity, where your personal image and actions are captured , recorded and replayed on social media and compared to both local, national and international trends makes it impossible for youth not to severely compare and judge their physical selves.  This makes the issue of problem prevention and management  a high priority .


Problem Priority:

  • The major problem in this age group is pimples and more importantly acne.
  • Pimples and acne have multifactorial causes but mechanical obstruction of pores is a major culprit in all cases.
  • Hormonal surges play a huge part and are unavoidable in the teen years . An uphill battle we encourage management and patience and the right protocol to ease the results of changing levels .
  • Children of parents who have experienced cystic acne need early intervention with dermatological help.

Preventing Acne flare ups , Managing breakouts …

  • Reducing sugar load  (rice/ pasta/ bread / confectionary/ chocolate/ treats and soda drinks along with gluten and wheat products has been shown to drastically reduce acne breakouts
  • The most important advice anyone can give is do not touch inflamed areas. Wherever excessive touching or hair/ phone or makeup application occurs, pimples and acne will form and reform.
  • Daily use of an non inflammatory, physician only, skin care is important in both prevention and management .


Fraxel restore dual laser has a proven track record with not only reducing acne but actually reversing the scarring and creating new skin. I was the first cosmetic physician in Australia to introduce the fraxel dual and we have performed well over 5000 treatments since 2008. Combined with green light ( 532nm) laser and platelet rich plasma we have been able to achieve life changing results for people who have acne scarring. It is best considered in the Autumn/ Winter /Spring period and most people with significant scarring will need a total of three treatments in one year and two to three treatments thereafter to achieve a 40- 60% improvement in their scarring. Furthermore fraxel reduces the incidence and severity of further acne breakouts.


Problem Priority:

  • The majority of damage to skin by excessive exposure to the sun that leads to premature ageing ( pigmented, wrinkled thin skin) in our thirties through to our late fifties occurs from the ages of 15 to 30
    AVOIDING  Sun Damage
  • The answer is simple…use sunscreen at 7 am, 11am and at 3 pm ALL YEAR ROUND. The sunscreen must have UVA and UVB cover so it MUST contain either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as these create a physical barrier which is very effective .
  • Encourage good sun protection habits like wearing a good hat and understanding the dangers of skin cancer and UV damage .


Problem Priority:

  • I am increasingly seeing young women aged 16 come in with their mothers requesting lip augmentation so they can look like their social media & screen idols. Don’t get me wrong I understand the pressures and respect personal choice in appearance. Unfortunately I am also seeing the damaging results of unscrupulous discount cosmetic chain operatives offering and delivering 1-2 mls of lower end filler into these young women’s lips.

Preservation Guidelines and Using Caution

  • With parental consent or not, a lip should not routinely take on a full 1 ml of filler, regardless of the skill of the injector. The lip has anatomical boundaries and use of excess lower end discount filler has the potential of destroying the architecture of the lip that can last for years.
  • It is important to find an experienced, well trained injector who is prepared to be cautious and gradually build lip volume.  Beautiful AND natural is the way to go. Choose your injector on experience and results, not on how much you get for how little. It is your face after all!

Cosmetic Integrity :

  • For lip augmentation , the results should be natural and the filler not move outside the lip boundaries to cause the “ monkey mouth” or “duck bill” effect.
  • I use a specific injection technique called the 6-8 point “ Paris Lift” that involves decanting ( transferring) the filler from the larger needle syringe the company provides to a tiny diabetic needle to reduce risk of bruising and distortion from swelling.
  • Lips should look natural and full without losing the natural beauty and shape of the clients lips , something I encourage with younger clients trying to emulate their media role models.  Teenage girls and women in their early twenties should be encouraged to appreciate the subtlety and beauty of less is more !