Here at the Ageless clinics I see a constant flow of clients between the ages of 25 to 55 plus , with a variety of skin ageing issues needing to be treated . The stresses and strains of everyday life , raising children , working nine to five and the added pressures of a demanding schedule that comes with those things , ages us all more rapidly than would a stress free lifestyle . Although a stress free lifestyle and a toxic free environment would be ideal , it is not realistic and so we do our best to maintain our health , including our skin health as best we can through proper management , the right treatments , the right lifestyle choices and good skincare product .
The most commonly seen problems I see in the clinic are are from sun damage ( uneven , dull skin with hyperpigmented areas of concern ) and deepening wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes , forehead and mouth .

The combined affect of accumulated sun damage ( UV damage) , hormonal contraceptive treatments for women , environmental stress and lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption result in the skin losing its’ thickness and losing youthful tone .

The human eye reads skin age more in loss of even tone than it does wrinkle depth , meaning if there is uneven pigmentation it shows, it is the clear result of oxidation and glycation . Loss of volume in the face also however a major sign of ageing and oxidation and glycation and so these two issues are the ones we address to reverse the damage and look to maintaining the “Glow of Youth ” ….

UV damage in the skin reduces the levels of Vitamin A . This happens in an accumulative way and the can even occur when working in an office environment all day long . ” I don’t need to wear a sunblock , I work in an office ” is a phrase I hear often but the reality is even in an office you are exposed to natural light and UV and the need for protection is still necessary .


Vitamin A is responsible for over a third of all skin processes and sadly as I stated it is destroyed by UV damage . It is the “petrol to the engine ” of skin maintenance and production .. In fact , the basal layer of our skin has receptors JUST FOR VITAMIN A . So if you are serious about maintaining youthful skin or reversing sun damage as you age , Vitamin A is an essential part of your skincare routine at least two to three times per week .
Vitamin A can be delivered in a high quality serum or prescription strength concentrate . . It does however for some have side effects which users should be aware of and if you are pregnant or looking to conceive , it should be avoided .

For more information on just how crucial Vitamin A is for skin health and the reversing of UV damage , see Truthful (if subjective) tales from the cutting edge of cosmetics


UV radiation is present when the sun rises and all day whether it is sunny or cloudy . UVB radiation is what causes a suntan , causing skin to go brown or red . This is damaging to to the skin protiens and sugars . UVA radiation is 40 times more prevalent than UVB . It penetrates much deeper into the skin , damaging DNA structure and in turn causing cell mutations eventually causing skin cancer possibility .


  • Limit sun exposure with clothing and accessories
  • Use sunscreen at 7am , 11 am and 3pm … ALL YEAR ROUND
  • Sunscreen must be a UVA/UVB protector .. the SPF is less important than the type of sunscreen , A zinc or titanium oxide based sunblock will give a great physical barrier against the sun . I cannot stress enough how important re application is . people think applying a 50Plus SPF means a one time application all day . An SPF15 Zinc based sunscreen provides 93 to 95%. UVA/UVB protection lasting 2 to 4 hours . SPF50 gives 97% to 99% protection ( only 4% more) and still only lasts 2 to 4 hours . The message here is REAPPLY and reapply often .
  • If you are wearing make up on a daily basis choose a 15plus mineral make up and really lightly twice daily


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  • My signature treatment developed to improve skin tone , texture and reduce scarring is called The Ultimate Renewal ( available between Autumn to Spring because clients usually have difficulty staying out of the sun after treatment and sun exposure will only further damage and pigment skin in healing time .) …. For more information, see Ultimate Renewal + H2T Bespoke Skin Regen

Dr Jeremy Cumpston