HA Fillers- The Low Down on the most worlds most popular Anti- Wrinkle Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid ( HA)  Fillers:

Hyaluronic Acid or HA fillers comprise over 90% of the fillers currently used in cosmetic practice.

Hyaluronic Acid sounds scary but it is basically a sugar molecule (also called a polysaccharide) that is present in every living organism. If you squished a snail or an elephant or a human you would release HA. The younger the organism, the more HA is in it.

I’m not saying you should squish anything, young or old, but if you did… you would have a great deal of blood,  muck and HA on your hands.

These HA sugar molecules exist within and without the cells and play an important part in maintaining healthy cell function including drawing water into the cells needed for all cellular activity.

In the skin these Hyaluronic Acid molecules are found in all layers – from the outer epidermis to the inner dermis. Our ability to maintain youthful levels of HA in our skin, particularly in the outer epidermal layers decreases as we age as a result of environmental causes (UV damage from sun and airborne pollutants) and physical causes (such as over exercise, low water intake and high cortisol levels associated with high stress levels).

If we want our skin to remain supple, hydrated and smooth it becomes of vital importance to replace the HA. Remember one HA molecule  can hold up to 100 molecules of water…Lose the HA in the outer layers and your skin loses that healthy supple glow of youth.

So rather than wasting the natural HA on the young, replacing the HA in the outer epidermal layers is a HUGE benefit for more mature skin. The treatment delivered by micro hypodermic injections over the the whole face is the next level of superior delivery.

Dr Jem and the Ageless Team


At Ageless Clinics we are currently offering the Beauty Boost with Teosyal Redensity 1 and the cutting edge V2 injector – Three mls of amino acid and antioxidant rich HA filler delivered directly to the outer skin layers to radically improve skin laxity and hydration… book now to have your skin glowing (like Rudolphs nose) before Christmas.

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