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Winter Specials 2019

June 12th, 2019|

Winter Price Freeze: Book Now & You’ll Pay Less For The Rest Of 2019

We’re currently offering anti-wrinkle injectables for just $12.50 (usually $15). If you book your appointment before Friday 14th June, we’ll freeze that price of $12.50 for all future anti-wrinkle injections this year.

This means you’ll save for the rest of 2019!

Ageless Clinics


Ultimate Renewal Special

The perfect winter skin treatment, allowing for optimum results. Our Ultimate Renewal package incorporates a combination of lasers, PRP and Dermastamp for the ultimate in skin repair and regeneration. This treatment addresses everything from pigmentation, pore size to

The Ultimate Renewal Package includes:
– Fraxel Dual- Face and Neck and Hands
– Vascular Laser to Face
– PRP + DermaStamp – Face, Neck and Hands
– Includes Hydrate by Ingrid Seaburn
All this for only $1,250.

Ageless Clinics

Ultimate Renewal Special

Why wait? Make your appointment by calling Lauren on 02 9223 4733 or email us at

Ageless Skin – Treatments by Ingrid Seaburn

February 4th, 2019|


Customised to your skin type, deep cleanse and exfoliation using ultrasound frequency technology and natural enzymes, deep facial massage, hydrating mask and LED Light therapy.

60 minutes $150


A unique non invasive micro current based workout for your skin !
Lifting and toning the muscles in the face that signify the subtle difference between an older and more youthful face . A great way to encourage younger looking muscle tone .

Cleanse, massage, enzyme exfoliant and micro current, finished with LED for a face that feels alive !

45 minutes $95

  • DERMAL ROLLING with Light therapy

The hand held way to encouraging cellular rejuvenation and cellular turnover . Micro needling ( dermal rolling ) encourages through micro based trauma fresh new skin . Ideal for dull, tired skin needing a boost .

Cleanse, light exfoliation, micro needling and layering of a unique regenerative serum whilst calming with LED light .

60 minutes  $160


Tamarama/Bondi Clinic

Thursdays … 2pm to 8pm 
Fridays ….. 2pm to 8pm 
Saturdays  ….9am to 4pm 

Mac St 
Tuesdays and Wednesdays   9am to 1pm 

 ALL BOOKINGS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY by calling 1300 372 935 or emailing

New Year Specials – Last Chance!

January 18th, 2019|

Last Chance for 3 Amazing Specials

Dr Jeremy Cumpston and his remarkable team are offering three age-defying specials this new year.

1. Ageless Clinics Annual Anti Wrinkle Special

This once-a-year special provides a FULL 12 MONTHS of anti wrinkle treatments that delivers the “natural, refreshed look” he’s become famous for.

Dr. Jeremy’s technique has been featured in…


  • 100 units of anti-wrinkle injectables at $12.50 per unit (normally $15 per unit) – Saving $250 – This provides approximately one full year of anti wrinkle treatment based on Dr Cumpston’s signature natural look.
  • The first 50 clients who purchase this offer will also receive 3 x Complimentary Palomar Max G Vascular Laser treatments at six-weekly intervals between April and October – Saving $600 – This represents $600.00 worth of high end vascular laser to treat red and brown discolouration on the face and neck during the autumn and winter period of 2019.
  • The first 50 clients will also receive a free facial and skin assessment by two of Sydney’s most experienced and respected facial and dermal therapists, Christian Acuna and Ingrid SeaburnSaving $200The free facial and skin assessment by Ingrid or Christian combined with an individual 12 month treatment plan, provided by Dr Cumpston during the session. *April – October treatments only.

Total Cost: $1250.

Total Saving: $1050.

The offer is limited to the first 50 people who purchase prior to 31st Jan 2019 and remains valid for 12 months from date of purchase. It is fully transferable by way of gift voucher.

Gift Idea #1 Annual Anti-Wrinkle Special

For further information please call Ageless Clinics on 1300 372 935.

Note: This offer is also available in Young, Goulburn, Batemans Bay and Milton. Complimentary facial and skin assessments in regional areas will be provided by highly experienced dermal therapists at each regional clinic or by Ingrid / Christian by prior appointment.

2. Beauty Boost: Three Pack Special

Beauty Boost is a revolutionary way to deliver hyaluronic acid combined with nutrients and vitamins through hypodermic micro injections to the skin.

More info: Byrdie Review: Beauty Boost for saggy neck.

Dr Cumpston has performed more Beauty Boost treatments than any other provider in Australia and is the first person in the Asia Pacific region to achieve Double Platinum status in the number of BB treatments (over 500).

His clients include numerous television, stage and screen performers and celebrities in both fashion and fitness. Designer and fitness expert Pip Edwards has regularly undertaken the BB treatment to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. And some of Australia’s most trusted faces in beauty, Leigh Campbell and Alison Rice have provided positive reviews from their BB treatments with the Ageless team.


  • Purchase a set of 3 x Beauty Boost treatments upfront for $650 per 3mL treatment (usually $850 per 3mL). Total treatment cost is $1950. SAVING $600. Ideally clients would undertake three treatments , 6-12 weeks apart over a 12-month period.
  • The first 50 clients who purchase this offer will also receive 3 x Complimentary Palomar Max G Vascular Laser treatments at six-weekly intervals between April and October – SAVING $600 – This represents $600.00 worth of high end vascular laser to treat red and brown discolouration on the face and neck during the autumn and winter period of 2019. *April – October treatments only.
  • The first 50 clients will also receive a free facial and skin assessment by two of Sydney’s most experienced and respected facial and dermal therapists, Christian Acuna and Ingrid SeaburnSAVING $200The free facial and skin assessment by Ingrid or Christian combined with an individual 12 month treatment plan, provided by Dr Cumpston during the session.

COST- $1950.00

Gift Idea #2 - Beauty Boost Three Pack Offer

3. Cutting Edge Facial Thread Lifts (x4) and 1ml of long-lasting Award-winning European Filler

Dr Cumpston is arguably one of the most experienced cosmetic physicians in Australia when it comes to the latest cutting-edge, absorbable, 360-degree facial threads.

Almost painless in their insertion, these threads are the latest offering from cosmetic market leaders in South Korea. The threads unique ability to provide cheek contouring and lifting of jowl areas of the lower jaw, result in subtle yet significant improvement in vertical cheek accordion lines.

When combined with long-lasting European fillers, 360 degree threads have the ability provide a fresh and youthful look, particularly in women aged late thirties to late fifties who want to freshen their appearance but are not willing to consider expensive and invasive face lifting surgery.

The procedure requires minimal preparation and can be completed in under 20 minutes. Antibiotic coverage for three to five days is required for this procedure.


  • 4 x 15cm threads valued at $450 per thread for $300 per thread -SAVING $600.00
  • 1ml long acting European filler (winner best European filler 2016/ 2017) for $200 – SAVING $400
  • 3x Palomar Vascular Laser treatments (April- October 2019) – Valued at $600.00
  • Free facial/ skin assessment with Ingrid Seaburn / Christian Acuna and Dr Cumpston – Valued at $200.00

Cost: $1400.00



All offers are valid until the 31st of Jan 2019 for purchase and must be undertaken within 12 months unless by prior arrangement.


Phone 1300 372 935 for further information.


Ingrid Seaburn has created arguably the best hyaluronic skin hydration product available in the Asia Pacific region…”Hydrate”. For those who do not know Ingrid, she has provided celebrity facials in both Sydney and Los Angeles over the last decade and is both a veteran beauty magazine contributor and regular guest beauty expert on Channel 10’s award winning Studio Ten. Ingrid provides high end treatments and skin assessments for some of Australia’s most recognisable celebrities and beauty editors. Having her experience and prowess as a facialist is a “gift from the gods” for Dr Cumpston and his clients.

Christian Acuna has developed his own exceptional, double organic certified skin care range over the last 10 years.. His skill, expertise and care as a dermal therapist is highly regarded locally and internationally and Dr Cumpston is proud to offer his clients the opportunity to trial Christians incredible facials and world class products.

Awesome Autumn/Winter Skin Rejuvenation Special

April 3rd, 2018|

1 x Fraxel Restore Dual
3 x Max G Vascular Laser
3X Prp Dermastamp
2x 3ml redensity 1 ” Beauty Boost Treatments
1x 0.5ml lip special
4 areas of Botulinum toxin- Type A ( 32 units)

Normal Pricing $5700.00 for 10x individual treatments over 3-5 months

After sun loving frivolity of the long hot summer it is the perfect time to schedule in a series of Ageless Clinics’ cutting edge LASER / BEAUTY BOOST & PRP SKIN REBUILDING PROCEDURES (vampire facial with platelet rich plasma)

Ageless are the creators of the ULTIMATE RENEWAL that literally “turns back” skin age with each treatment.

Ageless is also the only clinic internationally that provides bespoke skin treatments made with the clients own healing platelets- speeding healing and maximising the
collagen formation post treatment.

Call 02 9223 4733, or email to make your appointment or for any enquiries

Regional Dates 2018

March 26th, 2018|

Tuesday, 27 March – Mudgee and Goulburn
Tuesday, 3 April – Goulburn
Sunday, 8 April – Young
Monday, 9 April – Batemans Bay
Tuesday, 10 April – Goulburn
Friday, 13 April – Vanuatu
Tuesday, 17 April – Goulburn
Wednesday, 18 April – Canberra
Monday, 23 April – Mudgee
Tuesday, 24 April – Goulburn
Monday, 30 April – Tamworth
Tuesday, 1 May – Goulburn
Sunday, 6 May – Young
Monday, 7 May – Batemans Bay
Tuesday, 8 May – Goulburn
Tuesday, 15 May – Goulburn
Monday, 21 May – Tamworth
Tuesday, 22 May – Mudgee
Tuesday, 29 May – Goulburn
Sunday, 3 June – Young
Monday, 4 June – Batemans Bay
Tuesday, 5 June – Goulburn
Tuesday, 12 June – Goulburn
Monday, 18 June – Tamworth
Tuesday, 19 June – Goulburn
Thursday, 21 June – Vanuatu
Friday, 22 June – Vanuatu
Monday, 25 June – Mudgee
Tuesday, 26 June – Goulburn
Tuesday, 3 July – Goulburn
Tuesday, 10 July – Goulburn
Sunday, 15 July – Young
Monday, 16 July – Batemans Bay
Tuesday, 17 July – Goulburn
Monday, 23 July – Tamworth
Tuesday, 24 July – Goulburn
Tuesday, 31 July – Mudgee and Goulburn

Contact details:

Goulburn – 02 4856 8928
Tamworth – 02 6761 3060
Mudgee – 02 6372 2682
Canberra – 02 6232 5711
Young – 0408 023 356
Batemans Bay – 02 4472 9326

Call 02 9223 4733 or email

Go to Our Clinics for more information on the clinics.



Goulburn Summer Christmas Specials

December 11th, 2017|

– 0.5ml filler $300 (European filler of the year 2 yrs running) with Bonus Antioxidant Boost Summer Facial (valued @ $85) and Ageless Mineral Makeup application

– Magic Neck Lift $395 (saving of $105)
– 10 units anti-wrinkle injectable
– 1ml filler using the game-changing Beauty Boost

– 1 yr worth of anti-wrinkle injectables for $1200 + 0.5ml filler for lips with massive savings of $675 – must be purchased on 19th December 2017

Call Ageless today on 02 4856 8928​ or email

Ageless Clinics Goulburn

Address: Shop 3, Mulwaree Arcade, Cnr Auburn & Bradley St, Goulburn NSW 2580
Phone: 02 4856 8928​

Regional Dates October 2017

September 29th, 2017|

Goulburn 3rd, 17th, 24th 29th October – 02 4856 8928
Tamworth – 9th, 31st October – 02 6761 3060
Mudgee – 10th, 30th October – 02 6372 2682
Canberra – 18th October – 02 6232 5711
Young – 22nd October – 0408 023 356
Bateman’s Bay – 23 October – 02 4472 9326

Call 02 9223 4733 or email

Goulburn Clinic Opening August 3!

July 26th, 2017|

Ageless Goulburn Clinic opening August 3!

6:00 arrival for a 6:30 start.

Anyone booked in for demonstration for July 25 have their spot reserved for August 3.

Take advantage of our special offer of $12.50 per unit for anti -wrinkle treatment and call 02 9223 4733.

Goulburn Special – 20th July 2017

July 3rd, 2017|

We are giving a one off special in our new Ageless clinic in Goulburn on Thursday 20th July..

As a thankyou for being so supportive while opening our new Ageless clinic in Goulburn we’re offering a one off special to all our Goulburn clients..

We have chosen these 2 specific treatments because they are the best way to treat the problems associated with winter skin…

Clear & Brilliant $280 usually $400
This is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive laser. Its a gentle, revolutionary treatment that fights the natural effects aging has on skin. Helps improve tone and texture and gives skin a radiant, youthful glow and it also Creates a more even skin canvas, with reduction in the appearance of pores..

Medical Facial $90 usually $180
This facial in corespondent with our fantastic Jan Marini skin care range within the facial is a Microdermabrasion which gently sands and removes dead skin on the surface. Refine the discolouration and Improve skin tone and texture. The new Ultrasound technology diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, Stimulates blood circulation and Infuses skin care products into the skin.

To secure a booking please call 02 9223 4733 as spots are limited also like and share our Facebook page for a complimentary gift on arrival…

Regional Dates May-June 2017

May 16th, 2017|

Young Sunday the 21st May…  Renew Medica Spa ph 02 6382 7775
Batemans Bay Monday the 22nd May… Ella Bache Clinic ph 02 4472 9326
Goulburn Tuesday the 23rd May…  Ageless Clinics ph 02 9223 4733
Tamworth Monday the 5th June… Tranquility Spa ph 02 6761 3060
Mudgee Tuesday the 6th June… Bella Medispa ph 02 6372 2682

Ageless featured in Huffington Post!

March 20th, 2017|

The Ultimate Renewal and Beauty Boost by Ageless Clinics

Ultimate Renewal is a 90-minute procedure which first involves two types of laser to break up hyperpigmentation and resurface the skin, then dermal stamp micro needling to rejuvenate fresh collagen. The process stresses the skin so that it is forced to regenerate, much like putting stress on a muscle doing weights in order to make it bigger.

Dr Jeremy Cumpston from Ageless Clinics has been performing this special combination of treatments for the past few years, with great results.

Ageless visits Tamworth this Monday 6th March!

February 28th, 2017|

Dr Jeremy visits Tranquillity On Marius Day Spa this Monday 6th March!

Ageless Clinics’ Ultimate Renewal + Beauty Boost featured in the Sydney Morning Herald! Article link:

National Winner of Teosyal Blue Diamond Award 2017

Take advantage of Ageless Clinics’ Special Offer:
Combine Ultimate Renewal with Beauty Boost 4-5 weeks apart and pay only $1450. (Save $250!)

Call: 02 6761 3060

150 Marius Street
Tamworth NSW 2340

Parking is available at the rear of the building, with entry via Brisbane St.

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