You will undergo a skin repair and regeneration treatment that combines multiple modalities of light and mechanical stress to induce your skin to renew itself.

These include PALOMAR LUX G VASCULAR LASER. This “light based” laser uses a special wavelength of light (532nm) that heats up and obliterates blood vessels and removes surface pigmentation.

Palomar Laser Machine

Palomar Laser

You will have another light based treatment with a fractional “baby laser” known as a CLEAR AND BRILLIANT. Originally produced by Fraxel and now provided by Valeant Industries, this laser uses a particularly effective wavelength of light to heat the skin in microscopic channels that extend to the deeper layers of the skin, the DERMIS. This wavelength is also the only wavelength laser that has been clinically proven to remove pre-cancerous skin lesions known as Actinic Keratoses.


Clear + Brilliant Laser

Next you will have a DERMASTAMP procedure with PLATELET RICH PLASMA. This procedure uses an electronic medical device similar to a dermaroller, but it has 18 needles that oscillate and deliver up to 3200 painless micro punctures per minute. The dermastamp is combined with small cells called PLATELETS taken from your own blood by venepuncture into sterile tubes, then concentrated by a process of spinning them down in a centrifuge.




The treatments to this point will cause thermal and mechanical stress to the skin which will cause it to feel warm and look red. You may have some pinpoint bleeding. It is important to understand that you have “live channels” from the outer EPIDERMAL LAYERS of the skin to the DERMAL LAYERS of the skin which will remain open for up to 72 hours.

To aid the skin in remaining cooled, hydrated and being infused with the healing and repairing platelets we will provide you with your very own H2T BESPOKE SKIN REGEN CREAM.

This cream is a low allergenic, organic-based super hydrating emulsion with skin lightening agents and high end anti-oxidants, that has been physically combined with the concentrated healing properties of your own platelets. The cream has been snap frozen into small tins using liquid nitrogen so that the biological activity of your platelets are optimally maintained.

The platelets are naturally surrounded by protein molecules called GROWTH FACTORS, and these growth factors are responsible for repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. They stimulate special cells called STEM CELLS that exist within the deeper layers of the skin to change into regenerating cells called FIBROBLASTS. These fibroblasts are important because they produce collagen and elastin, the building blocks of plump healthy skin. The platelets within the cream will accelerate collagen and elastin formation and positive skin remodelling, resulting in younger, plumper healthier looking skin.

This Cream is Truly Bespoke

It contains your own cells and as such it can only be used by you! Your cream has been delivered in a temperature controlled polyfoam box and needs to be stored in a freezer to maintain its integrity.

Bespoke skin cream

H2T base cream being measured out in a syringe.

You need to use the cream as directed every two to three hours immediately post procedure for the first day. Simply take the cream block from the tin container using a spoon or the needle provided, and rub it generously into the skin. Replace the block back into the tin and return it to the freezer.

Continue to apply this for the next 24 – 48 hours until your first three tins are used.

Your bespoke cream will come in small tins.

Your bespoke cream will come in small tins.

To maintain hydration, the base H2T cream provided to you in a 20 ml syringe and kept in the fridge should be used 4 hourly for the next 3- 5 days. You MUST use an SPF sunblock after the hydration cream, as it is vital to protect the delicate new skin.

NOTE: YOU MUST MUST MUST use sunscreen 3-4 hourly for the next SIX WEEKS to protect the new skin that is regenerating. We suggest using the Jan Marini Daily Face Protectant but ANY SUNSCREEN WITH SPF 20 OR MORE WILL DO… JUST USE IT!

Jan Marini

Jan Marini Daily Face Protectant

For the next 3-5 days your skin will be actively repairing and the redness will gradually reduce. It will have a dry sandpapery feel from day 3-5, and this dry skin will gradually peel, taking the excess pigment with it.

It is also important you book in for a Jan Marini facial exfoliation 5-7 days after the treatment, which will leave your skin looking fresh, plump and renewed with a visible improvement in both tone, texture and radiance.

Before and After Photos

Ultimate Renewal Before and After

Ultimate Renewal after one treatment

Ultimate Renewal after three treatments - 6 weeks apart

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