NAD+ (or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that occurs naturally in the body. It’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes and is especially key to energy production, intercellular communication and cellular repair.

NAD+ levels decline with age, which sucks because studies suggest that low NAD+ levels reduce the proteins that repair our DNA.

Supplementation has been used successfully in the treatment of several serious illnesses and it’s also been used in the treatment of addictions.

Keen? Here's what you need to know

One of our medical practitioners will conduct a thorough consultation that includes a review of your medical history, diet and lifestyle. Next, you’ll chat about whether you might benefit from adding on a vitamin infusion (we offer a range of custom blends). Then you’ll be hooked up to an IV so the treatment can begin. Note: Unlike vitamin infusions, NAD+ can take hours. Lucky for you we’ve got some of the comfiest chairs in the biz. Consider it an opportunity to catch up on Netflix, read, work or just binge your favourite podcast.